July 3, 2020

July 2020

A test survey was carried out to show how people are willing to go against what they know to be right in order to follow popular opinion.

Thirty people were seated in a room when a certain incident was staged. Twenty eight of the thirty people were part of the presentation. The other two were the test subjects.

When questioned later of what happened, the twenty eight people denied that any incident occurred. The two men disagreed and affirmed the incident had occurred. The twenty eight men were adamant, time and time again, that no incident occurred, and stood firm on their position.

After a period of time, the two men realized that as they were greatly outnumbered, and as all the other men were certain about what had occurred, started to have doubts about what they saw, and conceded that they must has been confused and the majority must be right. They then testified in agreeance with the other men.

God also runs test surveys. The world are the participants, and the true believers are the test subjects. The Bible tells us the truth, but the world consistently denies the testimony of the Bible. Christians who believe the Bible are outnumbered. The voice of the world is far greater, and they are strongly defensive of their position.

So, Christian! Will you stand for what you know is right, or will you follow the world like many others have done before you?

“My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.”

Proverbs 1:10

In Christ,
Pastor Sam

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