August 3, 2020

Man's Greatest Need - August 2020 Monthly Bulletin

Possibly, the most well-known portion of Scripture amongst both Christian and non-Christian alike is Psalm 23. This Psalm presents a life that is without worry. Our Shepherd is more than able to deal with all our trials and circumstances. All the sheep have to do, is to stay near their shepherd.

The Psalm is calm in its presentation and has a soothing effect upon those who read it and meditate upon it. It meets all of man’s needs, both physical and spiritual. It is used to give comfort to the sick, to build hope to those enduring great hardship, to instill faith in those experiencing financial difficulty, to put an end to our worries, and to anticipate a home in heaven in eternity.

Its message is presented in a simple metaphor that can be understood by all people, of all backgrounds. The shepherd loves his sheep. His whole life is centered on his sheep, and his main concern is their welfare. In fact, he will even give his life for his sheep.

The shepherd’s sheep, by nature are defenseless, weak and dependent. Though the predators are many, and winter and summer seasons harsh, and the search for food and water is daily, yet the sheep have no cause for fear because their shepherd is ever near them, and He promised never to leave them nor forsake them.

Without contradiction, the greatest need for mankind is our Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ.

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1

In Christ,
Pastor Sam

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